Pursuant to the Statutes the National Food and Nutrition Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) is a leading research and development facility on a nation-wide basis in the area of food health quality (including food safety), human nutrition rationalisation and prevention of food related diseases.

  1. executed one 1 commissioned research project and 1 commissioned purpose-specific project, 1 project under the agreement between FAO and the Polish Government, 1 project within the framework of 5PR EU, 50 research topics under statutory activities, 1 research project (promoter's) funded by the Scientific Research Committee and 7 international projects, 2 application tasks for Chief Sanitary Inspector and 4 tasks funded from other sources.


  2. included the completion of commissioned research project titled: "Development of Scientific Grounds for Nutrition at Hospitals" and printing a comprehensive monograph, which contains findings of carried out research and a set of recommendations on the improvement of hospital treatment effectiveness through food by means of, among others, supporting pharmacotherapy and resulting reduction of treatment costs. It should be remembered that almost half of the costs in total health protection budget is taken by the hospital operating costs.


  3. processing and propagation of the findings of the project titled: "Household Food Consumption and Anthropometrical Survey", completed under the agreement between FAO and the Polish Government and co-funded by FAO. Under the project in the year 2000 using a technique of interviewing people about their consumption in the last 24 hours, the research of actual, individual food consumption and nutritional status was carried out on the first time in Poland on a representative sample of population. This research was carried out in parallel to routine research on household budgets, which created a unique opportunity to compare the consumption findings obtained using two different techniques and to prove what is the actual nutritional pattern and Polish population state of nutrition. Thus, the project findings are of major cognitive and utility importance.


  4. undertaken do develop, scheduled in accordance with EU requirements, operational assumptions for log-term research and application activities to enhance food safety level in Poland and prepare Poland for the integration with the European Union in this area. The first draft of the document titled: "Food Safety Strategy in Poland" was prepared and passed on for consultations to the Ministry of Health and other interested ministries and to nation-wide food control bodies.

    A major achievement of the Institute were also follow-up activities pertaining to the following foreign projects:


  5. providing giving information and interviews for press, radio and television. In 2011 the  representatives of the National Food and Nutrition Institute participated radio programmes and television programmes.