The access rules

1. General provisions

1.This document, hereinafter referred to as “the Rules”, defines the conditions of use for the Data Base „Nutritional value of food products and dishes” by H. Kunachowicz, I. Nadolna, B. Przygoda, K. Iwanow, 3rd edition, extended and supplemented, National Food and Nutrition Institute, Warsaw 2005 (hereinafter referred to as “the Base"), available on the website

2.The person, hereinafter referred to as “the User”, who enters the website with access protected by the Base access system, declares that he or she has become familiar with,  accepts and undertakes to follow this Rules.

3.The Base is legally protected by virtue of the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights (Dz. U. of 2006, No 90, item 631, as amended), the Act of 27 July 2001 on legal protection of databases (Dz. U. of 2001, No 128, item 1402, as amended) and by international agreements on the protection of intellectual property.

2. The principles of Base use

1.In order to use the Base a computer with an access to the Internet and with an updated web browser is needed.

2.Registration with the service requires an active e-mail address, which has to be filled in during the registration process, and an activation of the account through the link sent by the system to the e-mail address.

3.In order to use the service the User has to register, log in and provide required information on his or her profile.

4.The access for the registered User to information on nutritional value, content of protein, fat and available carbohydrates of  692 food products is free of charge.

5.Full version of the Base is accessible for these registered Users who have purchased Access Code in accordance with principles set forth in the Rules.

6.Actual price for the Access Code is provided in the price list available to the Users on the web page

7.National Food and Nutrition Institute has the right to ban the Base access to the User who:

1.uses the Base at variance with its designation or to a detriment of a third party,
2.violates the law of the Rules’ provisions
8.Any data and/or text included in the Base may be copied, stored and printed only forprivate use (for non-commercial purposes). The Base is not allowed to be changed in any way whatsoever.

9.In order to receive the Access Code the User should pay the fee via SMS sending a text AP.BAZA to the number given on the web page The SMS payment is charged in accordance with the current price list provided on the web page

10.Access Codes may be ordered and used by adults only.

11.The Access Code allows one User to re-enter the Base content for a specified period of time (code activity period).Entering the Base several times with one Access Code means that the User may enter the Base from any location as many times as needed while the Code is active, but never from more than one location at the same time. Access from more than one location at the same time is impossible.
12.The Access Code validity is determined in the price list.

13.The Institute reserves the right to modify types of Access Codes and principles of their use.

14.Any comments and complaints about the Base operation shall be submitted to the Department of Nutritional Value of Food Products, National Food and Nutrition Institute. Each notification shall be examined individually. Decision concerning the  notification shall be final and shall close the complaint procedure.

15.The Institute shall not bear any responsibility for technical problems or technical limitations of the User's computer.

16.The Institute warns that any attempt to hack into the Base, to break Access Codes and to use them against the Rules may entail irreversible Base access blockade and appropriate legal actions without prior notice.

17.The Access Code will be send to the User via return SMS to the same telephone number, from which an SMS with the Code order was sent.

18.In order to obtain access to the payable Base the User should type the received Access Code in the appropriate window on the web page

19.The service is activated immediately after the SMS is sent. The activation period shall start to be counted as soon as the User uses the Access Code.

20.If the content of SMS does not meet the requirements of the Rules, an SMS with the answer will be sent back that the SMS was not properly identified.

21.Each SMS sent to the number provided on the web page shall result in another fee the amount of which is provided in the price list on the web page .

22.Price discounts on subscription fees and additional services offered by GSM operators to their clients shall not apply to the Base access number.

23.The Base has been accessible since 2008.

3. Final provisions

1.Information on any changes to the Rules shall be provided to the Users on this web page. Any changes to the Rules shall become valid on the day of their publication on this web page.

2.The Polish law is the applicable law to all legal relations resulting from the Rules. Any disputes shall be settled by the common court competent for the National Food and Nutrition Institute’s headquarters.

3.The Institute cannot guarantee uninterrupted and undisturbed access to the Base.

4.The Institute shall not be held responsible for the following:

1)any damage caused by improper use of the Base by a User,
2)any problems with the Base operation, should they result from the events that could not have been foreseen or prevented in spite of all due diligence,
3)use of the Base by Users at variance with the Rules provisions.

5.Matters not regulated by the Rules, shall be governed by commonly applicable law.

Personal data statement

When activating the service the User shall:

1)declare that the provided personal data are correct;

2) acknowledge that incorrect data authorize the Institute to terminate the service immediately regardless of service fee payment; in such case paid fee is notreturnable;

3)declare that he/she has familiarised him/herself with the Rules and undertakes to follow them;

4)declare that the data given in the form do not violate any third party’s rights or legal norms;

5)consent for processing of his/her personal data by the National Food and Nutrition Institute for the purpose of this agreement;

6)acknowledge that he/she has the right of access to the his/her processed personal data and the right to request correction or removal of the data.