Food Composition Data Base

General information


Data Base „Tables of nutritional value of food products and dishes” by: Kunachowicz H., Nadolna I., Przygoda B., Iwanow K. 3rd edition extended and updated, National Food and Nutrition Institute, Warsaw 2005, includes online data covering 932 food products and dishes.


The Data Base becomes accessible after logging in and accepting the Rules of access to the Base.


There are three accessibility levels:


data on energy value, content of protein, fat and available carbohydrates of 692 food products);



PLN 9 + 23 % VAT for 3 hours of access (payable via SMS)

(the accessibility full data for 932 food products and dishes as well as iodine attachment);



for commercial use of the whole or a part of Data Base, the Institute prior written consent is required.


Apart from the online version, an offline CD version of the Base is available (Excel or dBase) for an amount of PLN 130 + 23% VAT + cost of delivery.