Major cognitive efforts and practical application of research carried out in 2011r:

In 2011 year the research activities of the National Food and Nutrition Institute included the implementation of projects run under statutory activities, commissioned research project and commissioned purpose-specific research project, grant provided by the Scientific Research Committee, project performed under the agreement between FAO and the Polish government and foreign grants.

The research topics, performed under statutory framework, belonged to three problem categories:

1. Problem I - Food safety, genetically modified organisms and nutritional value

* investigation of nutritional values, food additives
* investigation of interaction between medicines and food
* research on the implementation and auditing of quality assurance systems 
(GHP/GMP, HACCP) in processing plants and in mass catering establishments.

2. Problem II - The role of nutrition in prevention of health disorders

1. decreasing the risk of dietary related diseases through :
* modification of prophylaxis of the coronary heart disease
* elaboration of the rules of using dietary supplements such as: fatty acids n-3, fiber
* life style and dietary habits and the risk of osteoporosis
* genetic factors and the metabolic syndrome
* allergens in food
* another nutritional factors and other diseases 

2. prevention of poisoning and infections caused by food
* Helicobacter pylori and ischaemic heart disease
* impact of social and economic factors on Helicobacter pylori reinfection 

3. Problem III - Impact of social, economic and educational factors on nutritional patterns and nutritional status of selected groups of population

* modification of standards of nutrition for Polish population
* investigation of the changes in food consumption in the Polish population
* investigation of nutritional behavior and knowledge about nutrition
* elaboration of guide books "National Food and Nutrition Institute advises
Publication achievements of the National Food and Nutrition Institute employees in the 2011 year:


Reviewed publications quoted on the list of Philadelphia-based Institute for Scientific Information  
Publications in reviewed foreign magazines quoted on other IT lists  
Reviewed publications contained in the Polish magazines (in compliance with the list of Medical Sciences Team PO5)  
Authorship of scientific monograph with international reach  
Authorship of scientific monograph with domestic reach m  
Authorship of a section in the scientific monograph with international reach  
Authorship of a section in the scientific monograph with domestic reach  
Scientific editorship of monograph with international or domestic reach  
Average number of the above mentioned publications per 1 research worker  
Abstracts published in reviewed magazines*  
Popular science publications* + publications in other magazines*  
Brochures, leaflets, information letters, posters, varia*  





* publications considered in the overall evaluation of the entity rather than publication achievements



In 2011 the Institute organised or co-organised 2 domestic conferences, 2 trainings and 1 workshop.